The first track, “Aay”, from the Ak-Kompressor album project is now up. Check it out under the fresh “Music” section above.

Also are some things I recorded in the past that I wanted to have on here.

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Music #2

I’ve had plans to put something musically up here for a while now, but it’s taken a bit for me to have time to fully think out and experiment with what I want it to be. For anyone desperate with anticipation from my last post (all 4 of you) well here it is. I have just begun working on an album that I’m producing from my apartment, but will most likely be recorded in various places. Wherever I happen to be playing and have my laptop. Right now I’ve recorded one piece of what will hopefully be a 6 piece album under the name AK-Kompressor. It’s essentially my attempt at fusing what I’m currently listening to: minimalist classical composition (Philip Glass), electro instrumentals (Ratatat) and also influenced by bands such as Animal Collective and M83. As well as the usual myriad of things I’m listening to. I’m going to try throwing the first composition up here. Hopefully WordPress will allow for it.

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Pretty soon I should be creating a new “Music” page where I’ll upload a few dreamscapes I composed for our Transmigration show. I’ll also be putting up some solo singer/songwriter things (Hopefully in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed.), a couple collab songs from a while back, and maybe some late night epic’s from Kelly Rossberg’s house if I can get the files. That’s all for now.

Hello to my parents, who may be the only people who check this.

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New artwork in gallery

I’ve uploaded some simple drawings from my sketchbook to the page labeled cleverly enough “Artwork”. Check it out and feel free to comment. More to come.

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My name is Ian. I’m a student at the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) studying acting. Apart from acting, I’m also a visual artist (mainly graphic art, drawing, painting, illustration and sometimes photography), writer and musician. I spend much of my time creating in all of these disciplines, but organize or keep very little of what I create. That being said, this will serve as an online portfolio of sorts where I can upload my things and be able to access them from anywhere I may be creating. If it interests you in any way, comments are deeply appreciated.

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