Pretty soon I should be creating a new “Music” page where I’ll upload a few dreamscapes I composed for our Transmigration show. I’ll also be putting up some solo singer/songwriter things (Hopefully in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed.), a couple collab songs from a while back, and maybe some late night epic’s from Kelly Rossberg’s house if I can get the files. That’s all for now.

Hello to my parents, who may be the only people who check this.

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2 Responses to Music

  1. David says:

    Dude, just found this pulled up on my comp. You composed those? Awesome dude. They were amazing.

  2. Kelsey Crismon says:

    I honestly think what you’re doing is great. What’s in your brain is now on paper for someone to see…people who care to see that your creating. Your stuff is real. I mean this but know just because I mean this-doesn’t mean that any of your work has lost anything. 🙂

    Don’t ever stop creating.ever.

    The moment you hesitate, the moment opportunity passes you by.

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