2010: Ak-Kompressor, album in production

This is the first composition, “Aay”, from the untitled Ak-Kompressor album. The album will be an attempt at a collection of compositions that could be cinematic as well as standalone songs.

2009:Solo work, “February Song”

A pop/rock song for a music video my friend Leslie Wishnevski made.

2008:The Hats and Jackets, duo

These are two tracks I produced for my friend Chris Downey. He wrote both songs and plays all guitar tracks, and I tracked the other instruments during production. We performed under the name The Hats and Jackets, but the song’s are Chris’ own.

“Selflessly Composed”



4 Responses to Music

  1. Curry Haertzen says:

    Awesome Ian, love it. Just added this page to my favorites, I’ll be hoping to see more soon!

  2. ive been singin February Song all day =D

  3. just got an email from a friend who turned me on to your site… pretty cool, nephew, pretty cool. bring your guitar to the beach if you can.

  4. anonymous says:

    “Ak-Kompressor”…awesome. make more.

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